Executive Forum Logo 2020What is The Executive Forum?

The Executive Forum of Mercer University, presented by BB&T, is a corporate and community outreach program of the Stetson-Hatcher School of Business and the Office of University Advancement. A resource for working professionals in Macon and Atlanta, the Forum provides an opportunity for business and organization leaders to hear from some of the country's most sought-after speakers, while interacting with other business leaders.

The Executive Forum's mission is to:

  • Present an annual series of high-quality management, leadership and current event seminars targeted to the needs of the Forum membership.
  • Promote the University within the Forum membership and to the business community.
  • Provide members with business networking opportunities, analysis on national/international events, new business trends and other critical business topics (economics, healthcare, services, government, industry).

2020-21 Series Sponsors

Co-sponsors for this year's Executive Forum series are

Exec Forum Sponsors 2020



Some previous speakers of the Executive Forum include:

Dan Amos              

George Bodenheimer

Neal Boortz

James Carville

Michael Cassidy

S. Truett Cathy

Saxby Chambliss

Anderson Cooper

Lou Dobbs

Bob Dole

Nina Easton

Ari Fleischer

Steve Forbes

Newt Gingrich

Nancy Grace

Stephen Hayes


Lou Holtz

Johnny Isakson

Jesse Jackson

John Kasich

Mara Liasson

Frank Luntz

Theresa Payton

Juan Williams


For Membership Information, contact Allen London at (478) 301-4169.

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